Sedona MUFON is a chapter of Arizona MUFON, dedicated to solving the UFO phenomenon and the quest for the greatest mystery of Mankind and the Universe.


UFOs, Crop Circles and Extraterrestrial Involvement: A Scientific Approach to Truth-Finding


Past Speakers

September 19, 2014  -  Aurora Elligon

October 17, 2014 -  Alejandro Rojas

November 21, 2014 -  Michael Brown

January 16, 2015  -  Sherry Wilde

February 20, 2015  -  Michael Horn

March 20, 2015  -  Chris O'Brien

April 17, 2015  -  Gordon Davidson

May 15, 2015  -  Phoenix MUFON's Director & Assistant  Director, Jim Mann and Stacey Wright, presented a special program on "MUFON: Surfing the Leading Edge of Ufology"  

September 18, 2015  -  Melinda Leslie

October 16, 2015  -  Matthew Wieczkiewic

November 20, 2015  -  William Alek

January 15, 2016 - Mark Pinkham

February 19, 2016 - Ronald Regehr 

March 18, 2016 - Len Kasten

April 15, 2016 - Robert Short

May 20, 2016 - Dr. Sam Osmanagich

Photo of UFO Captured by Local Hiker Johnny Laine on the Cibola Trail, Sedona, March 2012

Dan Aykroyd Unplugged on    UFOs


Sedona MUFON seeks your help and experience with UFOs and all unidentified objects and extraterrestrial involvement occurring in Sedona and the Verde Valley.
Report all incidents to MUFON immediately.

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Sedona MUFON Fall Meeting Schedule

Save this Date:  Friday, Nov. 18, 2016 Meeting


Friday, Oct. 21, 2016  Navajo Rangers

Save this Date:  Friday, Nov. 18, 2016 Meeting


About the Navajo Rangers

John Dover and Stanley Milford, Jr.

Navajo Rangers Jonathan Dover (Ret. Lt.) and Ranger Sergeant, Stanley Milford Jr. worked together in a Native American law enforcement department for over ten (10) years in the Department of Resource Enforcement. Together they managed a section called the Special Projects Unit. This special unit not only dealt with the typical day to day law enforcement investigations, it also was tasked to manage those investigations and cases on the fringe of reality, those cases deemed “paranormal.” This included cases dealing with such things as Skinwalkers and Witchcraft, Bigfoot sightings, Ghosts and Hauntings, UFO sightings and Aliens. In 2011 Jonathan retired as a Lieutenant with thirty one (31) years in law enforcement. Stan has eighteen (18) years as a commissioned Ranger and continues to serve as a Ranger Sergeant overseeing the Special Projects Section. Together in their presentation they will share some of their insights and personal experiences from many extraordinary cases.

       Jonathan Dover

is a veteran law enforcement officer.  He has worked with the City of Winslow Arizona Police Department, The National Park Service, Navajo Historic Preservation Department, and the Navajo Nation Rangers.  He retired from active duty as a Lieutenant in 2011 after 31 years as a law enforcement officer.  Jonathan Dover was trained in Criminal Investigations and was an Archaeological Resource Crimes Investigator.  He was also trained as an EMT, in SWAT operations, Hazardous materials, Search and Rescue, and was an instructor in Police Firearms training and High Angle Technical Rescue. 

During his work on Navajo Nation lands, he along with Stanley Milford Jr. were assigned over a period of 10 years to officially investigate and document significant cases involving Bigfoot, the Paranormal, Navajo Witchcraft, and UFO’s.

    Stanley Milford Jr.

Stanley Milford Jr. currently serves as a Ranger Sergeant with the Navajo Nation Rangers headquartered in Window Rock, Arizona. Stan spent his childhood growing up in rural Oklahoma and spent some of that time on the Navajo Reservation. He graduated Tahlequah High School in Oklahoma and he graduated from Haskell located in Lawrence, Kansas, when it was still an Indian Junior College. Stan later attended Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado and the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona. Mr. Milford graduated the United States Indian Police Academy at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) in Artesia, New Mexico and has worked continuously as a sworn law enforcement Ranger for eighteen (18) years.

Stan serves as a department firearm instructor, Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Team Leader. Stan’s primary responsibility is managing a section called the Special Projects Unit (SPU). It was within this section that Mr. Milford worked alongside Jonathan Dover (Ret. Lt.) for ten years. This section’s primary role is managing cases and projects that are deemed critical, sensitive or high profile in nature. This could be anything from high priority investigations, dignitary protection, high risk detail, SWAT or emergency operations.

One of the other responsibilities of this section is the investigation of those cases that don’t necessarily fit within the everyday parameters of law enforcement or the use of common Criminal Investigation techniques and procedures. Enter the “paranormal” i.e. cases involving Skinwalkers and Witchcraft, Bigfoot sightings, Ghosts and Hauntings, UFOs and Aliens. Today Mr. Milford continues to oversee this unique section. It is true these cases may constitute only 1 % of the overall cases that are investigated by the SPU each year, but it’s pretty much guaranteed that these cases will not be easily forgotten.



Roger Daniel, Director of Sedona MUFON and 

MUFON State Section Director of Yavapai County

Amy Daniel, Sedona MUFON Assistant Director

Beverly Taylor, Secretary

Eric Jennings, Webmaster

Recent Photos


L-R Roger Daniel, Joe Lusciano, Darren Deboy and Jim Penniston survey a Sedona map in preparation for a hike to the coordinate site Joe and Darren deciphered from a binary code Jim received during his 1980 encounter with an alien craft in Rendlesham Forest. Jim and John Burroughs encountered the craft while on duty at RAF Bentwaters, England.

Standing with Jim Penniston at the Sedona coordinate site. Jim was downloaded a binary code during an encounter he had with an alien craft in 1980. 

L-R Darren Deboy, Cathy Jones, Jim Penniston, Patrica Bullock, Monica Parsley, and Roger Daniel

This is a re-drawn version of the Betty Hill Star Map. The aliens' home star is one of the two spheres. Solid lines are '"trade routes". Dotted lines are "exploration routes".  (Image credit:  Armagh Planetarium)


   Stephen Bassett, Roger Daniel and Becky Solon at July 2014 MUFON Awards Gala and Conference, Cherry Hill, NJ


Bill Birnes Addressing Luncheon Panel Q&As in NJ 

From Left to Right:  Roger, James Fox, UFO Filmmaker and Becky, 2014

 "The Truth is Out There"

Photo of Transparent Alien Entity Captured by Taiwanese Policeman in January 2013

Roger Daniel, Former Treasurer Dove Danu and Becky Solon hosted speakers Jim Penniston (front row, right) and John Burroughs (second row) at the October 26th, 2012, Sedona MUFON Meeting.

Roger Daniel and Becky Solon hosted speaker David Sereda at the October 21, 2011 Meeting.

Tom Dongo Flash-Blinded During a Skywatch in a Sea of Orbs April 20, 2009

Orbs Seen August 2007 During Tom Dongo's UFO Tour at the Bradshaw Ranch

Some Five-Sided Orbs Photographed on Red Canyon Road February 20, 2009


UFO Photo from Lisa Leon 2015

                   Sedona MUFON Meets at                    The Sedona Public Library

Meetings Start Promptly at 7:00 PM

3250 White Bear Road 

  1/4 mile North of the Intersection of 89A and Dry Creek Road (North side of 89A) 

(Take Dry Creek Road and turn left onto White Bear Road.  The Library is located at the end of White Bear Road in West Sedona)

$10 - Cash Only - Everyone is welcome.
For more information, contact Roger Daniel
at 928-301-0542 or

Sedona MUFON meets the 3rd Friday of the month, January through May and September through November.


Sedona UFOs 

One of our local residents has captured many unique images of UFOs over the span of more than a decade starting in the year 2000.  William Watson's rod photos have been shown on Bill Birnes' History Channel series, "UFO Hunters", in various case histories; and the UFOs appear to ascend from Castle Rock, which he believes is a portal for UFO activity.

Another Sedona Sighting

UFOs over Schnebly Hill, June 2008

A tourist visiting relatives in Sedona captured this image entirely by accident.  Upon uploading the photo to a computer, the photographer noticed strange objects in the clouds. 

A white craft hovered above Schnebly Hill, and several distinct rod-like shapes stood out in the skyline. The surprised photographer added arrows to show the locations of the UFOs, which are all concentrated in this one picture. 

After studying the photo myself, I discovered that there were at least two more UFOs slightly concealed but still barely visible!  Check out the photographer's narrative here

Does anyone know?